Sick Day, Who Is We, Grasshead The Inventor and Hippie Jon at Exf. Co



I saw Sick Day, Who Is We (but seriously WHO IS WE?), Grasshead The Inventor and Hippie Jon at Exferimentation Brewing Co on October 23.I know I do this every time but spoilers, it was great.

Came in a little late to see what appeared to be Paul Dano playing the bongos on stage and thought, well that seems odd. Turns out, that was Hippie Jon and his soothing deep voice (that I’m not jealous is rivaling my own at all, no of course not). On stage with him appeared to be a laptop, guitar and a keyboard as well, all appearing to possibly have been around before their user. The music was an interesting one to walk into, with one person on stage making a whole lot of sound thanks to loops and the aforementioned laptop. The music that came out was soothing and hypnotic. Hippie Jon then switched over to the guitar for some incredibly chill acoustic guitar and some sad sounding music in a lovely voice. Atmosphere is definitely the key here, with vocalizations being utilized heavily to turn the vocals into yet another instrument in the bunch. Hippie Jon worked with his old school keyboard as well delivering some very interesting, lo-fi style hip hop blended with the previous folk sound that was vaguely reminiscent of Bo Burnham’s latest work. Hippie Jon was definitely a fantastic opener to walk into for the great show that followed.

Who Is We came up next, with friends of the blog Lucas and Neil taking Lucas’s somber, thoughtful, folk rock into a full on indie rock experience with Neil’s incredibly dynamic drumming. The on stage chemistry was clear, and these friends sync and flow incredibly well together. They started off on the acoustic with the somber, and rock Americana song Michigan Winters, which I had to mouth along to after hearing those magnetic lyrics too many times. This is the first time I’d really gotten to see Neil let loose on the drums, and he melded perfectly into the background when necessary, then brought the energy to elevate the song into a new dynamic force. Next up was The Intro, which was the hardest I’ve ever seen Who Is We rock out. They had great energy and tone, transitioning perfectly from the more contemplative folky sound, into a full punk bop. Throughout the next songs I came to really appreciate the on stage energy, perhaps even preferring the live to the recorded versions. They finished off the set with the always excellent and excessively ear-wormy Vacation Girl, with its perfect fusion of locational Americana lyrical elements into a more indie rock, punk rock sound. 

Gotta’ watch each other’s hands

Sick Day came next, since they were from Chicago and had to get to their place to sleep I think? Not really my business, either way, they were next. I forgot to get names, so I’m going to have to refer to people by what they were playing. They started out with an acoustic set, just two on stage. It’s Not Gonna Work out had a great chill indie folk vibe that reminded me a lot of the artist Madeline. I love Olivia’s voice (singer), and she’s an excellent, captivating songwriter. Once they got the whole band on stage they played My Friend, with fantastic vocal and guitar tone, and really sick solos from the very unassuming and incredibly polite lead guitarist. They delivered some wonderfully thick angst in Teenage Angst (I think?), and some wonderfully dynamic vocals in Is It A Dried Cherry (again, I think, terrible at catching song names) and incredible snare work and beat keeping by the drummer (Stef Rossi). They finished off with Sleeping In The Dark which was dynamic,high energy, and really brought home an already strong set. I loved their energy, especially with their unassuming look. They reminded me a lot of the great dynamic indie band Hop Along. 

I’m going to apologize ahead of time to Grasshead The Inventor, as I had been drinking throughout the show, and may not have taken very good notes during his set. I may not have much in specifics, but I enjoyed the strong singer-songwriter vibe, and his lovely, resonant, and deep voice. The music was very chilled out, and I admit I think I got a bit hypnotized and lost to the specifics. 

As per usual I recommend you check out all of these artists, and the amazing venue they played at. Links below;

Sick Day:

Who Is We:

Grasshead The Inventor:

Hippie Jon:

Exferimentation Brewery:

Finally, please check out my on stuff:

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